Equipment Intro – Media Loan Shop

Having began the inductions into new equipment then it became necessary to introduce us to the process for borrowing the equipment from the media loan shop. The process is relatively simple and straight forward and I will attempt to show that process here.

Booking equipment is done online and the first place to visit is the loan shops portal entry page

Media Loan Shop entry portal
First log in using your student ID and password
Click – Create New Booking
Select 'Media Loan Shop'
Select ‘Media Loan Shop’
Choose your category from the drop down menu.
Choose your category from the drop down menu.
Choose the items you want by clicking on them
then click next
Pick a time slot
enter the times into the boxes and click next
Read and accept the terms and conditions then click next
the booking is not complete until you click ‘Submit’

Once the equipment is in your possession then you are completely responsible for it. Any loss or damage must be paid for.

The equipment must also be collected promptly, if you are 30 mins late on your collection time the booking will be cancelled and the items made available to others.

Returning the items on time is vital for the smooth running of the shop.

Late returns are punishable by death by firing squad.

occasionally a more lenient approach may be taken – see below

Up to 1 hour late = 24 hours ban.
1-24 hours late = 3 day ban.
1-3 days late = 7 day ban.
3-7 days late = 14 day ban.
7 days+ late = Disciplinary via Department Head, banned until this process complete.


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