Presentation Assignment – Brief and Initial Thoughts

Student Presentations
(25% of the final grade.)

You will prepare a short illustrated talk that investigates the working practices of your given practitioners. This project enables you to see, research and explore the work of a wide range of photographers/artists and to consider links between their numerous bodies of work. Workshops in PowerPoint/keynote, scanning, library and research skills are introduced to support this project.

Each student will make a 10 minute presentation on their allocated subjects. These will be allocated by lot in week two and it will be your responsibility to thoroughly research your subject matter. You can present in any way you deem appropriate, but if an existing DVD is used as reference, this element can only take up a maximum of 2 minutes and you will be assessed on its relevance.

Your talk must not simply be a biography but instead should aim to focus on specific areas/bodies of work or even single images which you will link to the other photographer’s practices in your list.

You may choose to create a PowerPoint/keynote/Prezi/movie/MP3 etc for your presentation, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your files are compatible with the machine provided.

The studio iMac with PowerPoint and keynote will be available plus data projector. All material should be uploaded and tested prior to the session start.

ALL final presentations must be uploaded onto the iMac between 09:00 and 09:30 on Tuesday 6th November.

Initial Thoughts

There are two aspects to this assignment. Firstly will be to research and gather information about a photographer chosen for us and secondly will be ability to put together and deliver that research in an effective and informative manner.

The photographer I have been allocated is Philip Blenkinsop, in addition to his work I will also be required to cross reference and compare with 3 other photographers whose work in someway relates to him. Those photographers are Tim Hethrington, Simon Norfolk and Peter Beard. All three of these practitioners are completely new to me so I will be learning everything for the first time. My first resource for information will be the university library to see if there are any books or other media available followed by internet research looking for similar data.

The second part will require me to research and practice presentation skills. I am not new to public speaking and I have been required to present to large groups of people before but it has been quite a few years and I will be rusty and I think that will show through. There have been many people capable of delivering speeches or presentations that will be worthwhile looking into and this should help me with my delivery on the day.


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