Social Networks

Social media has become a phenomena of the digital age. With numerous networking services to choose from there are 3 that currently stand out from the crowd.


The global leader and undisputed king of social media is Facebook. Started by Mark Zuckerberg as a Harvard student it went on to be the highest valued company when floated on the stock market for $104bn.

When used correctly Facebook has the ability to put your work onto the screens of an international global audience within minutes. This sort of exposure was unheard just a few years ago and beyond imaginable before the emergence of the internet. It is important to think about how you would use this particular platform as you are braodcasting a virtual first impression of who you are to a massive audience. Anyone who see your work and may be interested in knowing more about you may not like what they see when they visit your profile page. When using Facebook it is important to consider professionalism and behave in a manor that would be appropriate to be viewed by potential clients or employers.


Twitter is another phenomenon that was started by an undergraduate whilst at New York University. The method of interaction is a little different and primarily a way of keeping informed about current conversation ‘trends’ within chosen subject areas. Depending on the individuals preferences they could ‘follow’ conversations by celebrities, sports stars, politicians or just their own friends. Twitter is arguably a better platform for someone with ambitions or the aspiring undergraduate to be able to both network and keep up to date with what people in the desired industry are talking about. However with so many users and so much chatter being broadcast it is important to narrow down your field of interest to ensure that only relevant and interesting information is relayed back.


Now the second largest social networking site after it passed Twitter for the total number of members that are now subscribed. Launched in 2011 in differs from its main rival Facebook by selling itself as a service for meeting new people rather then a method to catch up with old friends. Growing at a rate of around 3 million users a month you are able to read about and interact with people who share the same common interests. This can allow you to keep up to date with important issues and information that can help with studies or future employment.


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