Encountering Culture – Presentation

The final area to consider for this project is a method of presentation. The choice is critical to how the images will be received and it should invariably be something that is in keeping with the theme of the project.

Many artists will display there work through a gallery process, quite often this is something they will organise themselves but if there work is highly prized then galleries will come looking for them. Either way the work still needs to be presented in a meaningful way that meets the artists themes.

Books are another way that photographers choose to display their work. A book is a much more intimate form of presentation between the artists and the viewer as a person can be alone with a book and take much more time over each image.

Framed prints are also used, although this method is usually combined with a gallery this does not have to be the case. Other methods similar to framing are mounting or canvas printing and there are now a huge range of other materials that work can be printed on.

For my project my initial idea was a little too ambitions and something which I could never afford but I wanted to explain here.

If money were no obstacle I would like to have rented a large student house with enough bedrooms for each print. I would then have set each room up in a similar fashion that mirrored the typical student lodgings. One of the things I noticed when I travelled to so many students rooms was how similar they all where. Each had plain walls, a bed, a desk with a chair and bookshelves. I would set each room up with these items and then personalise them a little to reflect the occupant. It may be books on a shelf that show an area of study, a bed spread of a football team, a wall chart  with a timetable or an item of university branded clothing. The rest of the rooms would be largely spartan with the exception of one of my framed prints placed somewhere in the room. On a desk, wall or bedside table. Visitors would be invited to see the house as a form of immersive art, allowing them to step right into the lives of those in the photographs. At the entrance there would be a brief intro into the project and then people would be allowed to make their own way around the house and make their own opinions on what they saw.

Given that money is a rather large obstacle then I have decided to use a somewhat scaled down version. I wanted to stay with the student theme so I decided to present the images in an artists sketch book. These black hardback books are used in educational establishments all over the country and are a common tool used by students for their studies. I felt that these books were a direct connection to life at an educational establishment and a unique part of being a student. I also felt the book represented those students that had taken their lives and this was my way of showing that their final submission was to contribute to such a book. Finally I felt that the odd nature of these sketch books and their delicate construction reflected that same essence of the fragility of adolescence. I even used a cheap glue to stick in the pages to represent the students tenuous grip on life.


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