Xmas Task – The Digital Age


The digital revolution changed and still is changing the world around us, but digital is not new, it is now the norm. We have been steadily moving away from analog systems and practices for over 3 decades and there are adults working in the world now that have never known anything else.

That generation and those that follow are being referred to as digital natives, a society so fully integrated with the multitude of digital platforms that they interact with them so naturally they have become an extension of themselves. But not everybody is happy about our continued reliance on this now common place technology and you can not go far without running into someone bemoaning this pervasive automation of our lives. This wistful nostalgia is not new and has been something that each generation has to endure. When Henry Fords horseless carriage replaced equine transportation you can be sure old men sat in smoky rooms decrying the loss of their transit system, or when in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call similarly distraught opponents would lament the loss of their beloved telegraph to communicate, I would not even be surprised if Joseph Swans lightbulb was met with equal disdain by those who felt candles were the better option.

Today we have the digital detractors eager to cite some example where one social media page or another has led to some tragic consequence or how the spread of the internet is providing criminals with numerous opportunities to practice their nefarious deeds but the reality is that our digital world is the result of progress.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web he could never envisaged the change it would have on the world, 14 years later it is hard to imagine life without it. The internet has been a blessing for free market capitalist cultures which has seen the rise of the dot-com business giants such as Amazon and Ebay whilst the average person now has access to such a wealth of information that was never previously possible and with the emergence of social networking it sees us communicating with more people in more countries than ever before.

Digital technology has brought us closer together, we are in touch with each other, we have opened up and share our thoughts and feelings and the ability to engage and debate with like-minded people, to learn and broaden our knowledge is allowing us to step out of ignorance and into an increasingly enlightened global population.


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