Assignment 1 Proposal – Quick Task 2

Taking Aim – Project Proposal

My project is going to cover rural life, more specifically I want to challenge the preconceptions many people hold about the idyllic lifestyle that awaits them when they move to the countryside.

I want to expose the stereotype perpetuated through our current media that rural living is something that we should aspire and that the picture postcard cottage in the country is the Holy Grail for retirement.

I will research the magazines and TV shows which present bucolic surroundings and a pastoral lifestyle that is far from the truth.

My target audience will be retiring or retired people who do not have large pensions but are drawn to this myth and who fail to critically analyse the positives and negatives of such a move. I would also like to cover some of the psychological aspects that make people embark on major life-changing choices based purely on the illusions that they are fed on a daily basis

I aim to produce a series of photographs that highlight the disparity between images seen regularly throughout the media and some of the realities of rural living such as weather which can restrict movement for half the year, poor amenities, such as no local hospitals, dentists, doctors, shops and lack of technology, no wifi or phone signal which can leave you isolated and lonely.



3 thoughts on “Assignment 1 Proposal – Quick Task 2

  1. This is an interesting proposal of which there are many options, to me, you could take. Would you shoot on analog or digital? To me shooting on analog could be an interesting way to shoot it as you could make them look like the images are a similar age to the people, maybe they would relate more to it? Are you going to look at people in isolate rural areas on their own or would you contrast with people in less isolate areas, maybe looking at how they feel about where they live and if they made the correct decision.

  2. A very interesting idea indeed! Like you said that you were going to look into how this idea is portrayed in media, perhaps it is wise to think about why people fall into this lifestyle? Why, if they have hardly any money, do they still want to pursue it? What is the key factor that determines that choice?
    An intriguing thought when it comes to your first hand research could be: 1) Obviously you could interview something living in a rural home. 2) Perhaps talk to an estate agent about their thoughts on it. 3) Something that used to live rurally and how now changed.
    For your pictures, perhaps have a look at Olivo Barbieri for a technique on taking the pictures (can’t remember the exact technique, but you can change the picture to make it look like it is a play set almost.)

  3. The target audience is well chosen and there should be plenty of media resources to research. I have a few links that might be interesting to check out. Also the show Countryfile may have something interesting on this subject.

    Is rural life better?

    Urban vs Rural

    Country Life: living in an English village

    Country life is richer than city living

    ‘As precious as any cathedral’

    I hope this helps 🙂

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