Making Tracks

Making Tracks
Making Tracks

This project is certainly going to present some serious challenges not least of which will be meeting and gaining access to the people and houses in the remote locations. However after much consternation and a conversation with Matt Johnston I have a plan of action.

I have designed a postcard which I will use to introduce myself and explain a little about the project I have undertaken. I will then travel to a few of the out lying villages and post them through peoples doors hoping they will contact me. However rather than leave it to chance I will also make a return visit and this time knock on peoples doors to see if they would be willing to spend some time with me.

I will get the postcards made at a local university printers and will make my first foray into the sticks this weekend (25th & 26th Jan). My initial visit will most likely be to scout the areas and take some photos to see what areas are suitable. I will then return during the following week to make my postal deliveries.

The Postcard

And the text on the back


I am a 1st year undergrad student at Coventry University and I am currently undertaking a project on rural living. My project is based on the media’s representation of an idyllic lifestyle and how the realities may not always live up to its bucolic portrayal.


I am hoping to speak to retired people/couples who have moved to the countryside and found that the lifestyle is not what they expected or may have lived here for many years but are now finding that the daily demands are becoming difficult.


I have been in the area today and if you are able to help me with my research I will be extremely grateful if you could contact me via my mobile number below. I will also be popping back into the area over the next week or two and will hope to meet you personally if you are home.


Lee Morley

07824 879110


My university ID is 4785844 and the main switchboard for Coventry Uni is 024 7688 7688 should you wish to check my student status. I will also always carry my ID with me.


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