The extent of the problems facing our elderly generation is only set to get worse as the ageing population increases without intervention from local government.

Through my research I have come across various local councils who have made their own research into the problems they are facing and each has made a video on how they are tackling the problems.

Dorset Partnership for Older People Programme (POPP).

Geographically Dorset has one the highest levels of elderly residents and the team at the council are measuring their performance against 8 outcomes in 5 main component areas. Rather than decide what it feels are best for older people it directly canvases those who it needs to help to find out exactly what they want, it then tailors its support to suit the community it serves.

Wessex Home Improvement Loans

Wessex Council have taken a different approach and are focusing on a special home improvement loan scheme for those that can not afford to borrow from the bank. By obtaining government funding they are able to loan money to rural residents to help them complete essential repairs and maintenance or for vital upgrades so residents can maintain their independence.

Norfolk Money Matters

The Norfolk approach is to take a broad overview of its residents finances. The majority of their clients are recently widowed women who have never managed the family finances and suddenly find themselves unable to cope. Teaming up with age UK they identify people in critical financial need and then offer the support they need to keep them independent.

Waltham House, Derbyshire

Waltham House in Derbyshire is a unique reworking of the traditional care home. The house consists of 39 flats which elderly residents live in but still maintain their independence They have their own flat and front door and they can come and go as they please but there is always 24 hour support on hand when they need it. The house reaches out into the local community and the local school children join the residents at lunch to eat together.

Esk Moors Caring and Lodge, North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire’s scheme is similar to Derbyshire’s but focuses on a small valley whose residents have been living there for generations. They provide community social events so those that live there can keep involved in the local community and has seen many emotional benefits for those that live there.

Derbyshire Housing Options

The housing options schemes is a corroboration between Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire Dales District Council which provides and advice and assistance service. For those that are finding it difficult in their own homes the council will spend time to discuss through all the options, from staying in their homes to moving into a council run scheme.

Call Connect Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire’s call connect service is a unique and innovative on demand bus service. Geographically Lincolnshire is a large spread out county with a wealth of small villages and hamlets and for people living in these places it is easy for them to become isolated. The Call Connect service offers freedom for residents and allows them to phone a call centre to book a bus that will collect them from their homes and take them where they want to go. The scheme has been so successful that it is continuing to expand and other local councils are now looking at introducing similar schemes.

Gloucestershire Village and Community Agents

Another innovative approach comes from Gloucestershire. A jointly funded scheme between the council and NHS Gloucestershire it works by employing village agents that are a focal point for local residents to go and speak to above services. Each agent is locally employed and is familiar with the area they serve and many of the people who live there. The agents role is to assist those in need by connecting them to local services and letting people know what is available in the local area. They also take an active role in organising events for people to participate in. The scheme has been so successful that there are now over 200 agents and this is another program that is attracting attention from other councils.


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