Thats a Wrap!

Thats a Wrap!
Thats a Wrap!

My final video was a culmination of everything I had learned since the start of the project. I had originally wished to be able to film and interview people in their own homes but as I was unable to find any volunteers I had to improvise. The result was a culmination of video shot in rural areas, information I had found on websites through research, the work by various groups and charities that focus on rural living issues and an interview with a person that had researched and written extensively in this area.

At first I thought I would have had great difficulty making the video anywhere near 10 mins long but I found that I had to cut parts from it as it ended up over running beyond 11 mins.

As this was something I had never attempted before I was pleased with the final outcome. I have learned a lot from this project and I have overcome my fear of video work. In future it will be something that I may certainly look to try again with.




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