5658676304_45a043d18e_bUniversity was my first introduction to video. It has been something that I have avoided as I had little confidence that I would be able to make anything worthwhile. Along with learning how to shoot video footage cam Premier Pro, Adobe’s editing software. This was another area that I had no idea on how to use and felt that if it took as long as Photoshop to learn it will take a while.

I started by shooting a simple piece of video of another student walking down a side road. I then loaded the footage into Prem Pro and played around with some of the video transition settings and flipping the image over to create different effects.

My second video came as part of a group task at Uni where we were given a choice of 3 subject matters and had 20 mins to create a short story. Although I was not actually filming I was involved in the creative process and putting it together in Prem Pro.

My final practice video came as a hackathon day where we had one day to complete a video that met the assignment 2 brief. This was a major undertaking as we had to organise an entire class into job categories, decide the content then go and record the content and put it all together in Prem Pro. I took on the lead role as Project Manager with others taking vital roles in videographers, researchers, editors, storyboard planners etc. It was a chaotic day but resulted in a video we were all proud of. This day proved very useful and was a steep learning curve but at the end I had a much better understanding of what was needed for the project and I had picked up some useful ideas and editing tips for things that could be put into my own video.


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