152mc Working with Light: Shed a little light on it! – An Introduction.


The 19th Century was a time of great advancement and technological innovation, Electricity and Steel, The industrial revolution and the birth of the professional scientist were just a part of this amazing era. In amongst this modern transformation came an invention that would change the way we would look at the world forever.

The emergence of photography provided us with the means to freeze a moment in time, to capture history, to create a snapshot of life, to chemically record the very essence of the world around us and then display that scene in a way that would be as believable and as real as if viewing it through your own eyes.

The profound implications and possibilities were endless; here was a brand new form of communication unrestricted by the barriers of language and the ability to create an archive of historical images that accurately documented the real world as it was meant to be.  No longer would history need only be recorded through the written word or the artists brush, here was an optical and mechanical magic box of light to surpass all other mediums.

Photographers celebrated the almost instantaneous capabilities of the camera by recording the banalities of life; no subject or scene was too mundane for the camera’s eye. Creative interpretation more commonly associated with painted pictures would also become the realm of the photographer but acceptance as an art form from its older distant cousin would become an aspiration that would take 150 years to accomplish.

This project is designed to teach us all about light, how to work with it, what methods we have, the different types and how to control it. For many photographers light is the critical element to the success of any image. Even the name, Photograph is derived from the greek words for Phos (light) and Graphe (drawing) (Wikipedia 2014) which in many ways aptly describes the image creation process.

On Tuesday 18th March we began our final assignment of the 1st year.

Unlike the two previous modules we are using a new medium to create work. We have been placed into groups of 4 and we will be combining our efforts through a series of tasks. We will communicate and contribute through an online process known as google drive. Here we are able to relay information, share research and converse even when we are not together. My initial thoughts are one of concern, I am unsure of how this system will work, how I will be able to demonstrate my own research and show the processes I have individually used draw conclusions and create any expected outcomes.

We also have no idea what those outcomes should be. So far we have been given 1 of 4 assignments and that will be to create a manual. This manual is something that we would like to give to ourselves as something that would help us with this module. This is a process that will be created throughout this term and it will be something I will continually add to until the hand in date.

Having spoken to Caroline Molloy she was able to clarify the situation. The new methods are there to assist us with our group tasks and our working methods and will be evaluated through them to some degree on how we combine and interact to achieve an outcome. The blog will continue function in its primary manner to document my journey through the project showing how I have researched and resourced my final outcomes.

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