152mc Working with Light: The Studio – Introduction

On Tuesday 18th March we were given an introduction to the university studio. I have detailed below here some of the equipment we were introduced too.

bowensThere are various Bowens lighting heads available and although there are some minor differences they all work in pretty much the same way. I have used these simple diagrams that I felt were clear and easy to understand. I will use these in my instruction manual and I hope to mirror the Apple Mac Book instruction guides for their design and layout.

Sekonic 1Sekonic 2

Taking a Light Meter Reading and adjusting the Flash Unit.

1)     Maneuver the light head into position and aim it towards the subject.

2)     Switch on the light Meter and connect the sync cord cable between the Meter and the flash head.

3)     Move the Lumisphere across the meter cell to use as an incident meter

4)     Set the desired ISO and Shutter Speed.

5)     Hold the meter near the subject and press the read button. Check the display for the F/Stop.

6)     Adjust the Bowens Lighting by turning the F/Stop dials on the side of the lighting and repeat steps 5 & 6 until the desired F/Stop is displayed on the light meter.

7)     Detach the cable from the light meter and attach it to the camera (via a hot shoe flash if necessary)

8)     Take a test picture and evaluate the result.

9)     If the subject or the lighting is moved then take another light reading.

I have used the same format for the Sekonic Light meters These handy devices allow you to measure the light hitting the subject so you can adjust to get either a correct exposure or help you sculpt the light as desired.

Understanding the use of this equipment is critical in learning how to control the light so it can meet how I pre-visualise my images. What I have shown here allows you to control the measurement, power and lighting angles but there are modifiers which will have a huge influence on the light. I will go into these in a later post.


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