An article created from extra curricular activity – Part 1

An Exterior image of the new store at Waitrose Oundle
An Exterior image of the new store at Waitrose Oundle

On September 26th 2013 I was contacted by John Lewis whom I had done some photography work before to see if I would be interested in covering the opening of their new Waitrose Store in Oundle. I have detailed here the entire process which lead to the completion of the job and image publication in their national magazines.

John Lewis are an extremely professional company with very high demands and expectations. I have been deliberately detailed as I wanted everyone to be able to see the entire process required for this type of job.

The initial contact was made via email

Hello Lee, 

Mark Rollings from the Peterborough Chronicle put us on to you as we are looking for a photographer for the coverage of the opening of a new Waitrose branch in Oundle next month. 

Could you please tell us how much you would charge for a two hour shoot, supplying hi-res JPGs afterwards. 



James Michael Parry 
Deputy Editor, Waitrose Chronicle

This was an invitation to submit my price for the job. As all the jobs are different I try to tailor my quote to be competitive but to reflect the skill level I have achieved. I based my quote on 2 factors, My travel expenses for a round trip from my home to Oundle at 45p a mile and my usual hourly rate of £35 p.h. I felt this was a reasonable price for the job, wasted no time and submitted my tender the same day.

Hi James
Travel to Oundle, Two Hours on site, Supply of high res Images in JPEG format including any editing and unlimited usage rights would cost £119.50. I have the opening date as October 17th and I will available that day.
Please let me know if you would like to proceed.
Kind regards
Lee Morley
JLM Photography.
The following day I had a reply accepting my quote and supplying mw with some examples of the magazines so I could get a feel for the type of images they needed.
Hi Lee, That would be excellent. I will send you a formal brief shortly, but for the time being please find attached two issues which featured branch openings, to get a feel for the style of photography we are looking for, not that we are against a bit of creative flair as well of course. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I will send a full brief to you later today. 



James Michael Parry 
Deputy Editor, Waitrose Chronicle

A few days later I received the full brief giving details of all the images required with formats required, deadlines and usage rights.

The Waitrose Chronicle

Photography Commission Form

Feature/News title:   Waitrose Oundle branch opening Commissioned by:  James Parry
Invoice Address (If Different from above): Waitrose ChronicleWaitrose

Doncastle Road



Post Code: RG12 8YA
Purchase Order Waitrose Chronicle Invoice code 701 0900 51021
Order Date:  30/09/13 Client: The Waitrose Chronicle
Freelancer/Photographer Lee Morley Contact Number 07824 879110
Deadline: All images by 9.00am Monday 21 October (On CD + digital download if used) Rates: As agreed
The copyright is the property of the photographer.Photos commissioned by the Waitrose Chronicle may be used, after the initial publication, in other internal JLP publications and the JLP Intranet, but only with permission from, and at the discretion of, the Waitrose Chronicle Editor. Photos will also be made available for Press and PR usage when required and may be used on the John Lewis Partnership Corporate Websites. Photos will be held on a Waitrose Chronicle Image Library for 2 years. The Partnership will not allow photographs shot for editorial use to be released to any external parties for their commercial use without prior consent of the photographer.


Any third party enquiries about Waitrose Chronicle commissioned photography will be referred to the photographer. Photographers may benefit from external sales after first publication in the Waitrose Chronicle, but should make reasonable effort to ensure that photographs from such sales are used in a context which will in no way be detrimental to the Partnership.


All published photographs must bear the photographer’s credit in the Waitrose Chronicle.


Scanning images direct from the Waitrose Chronicle is in breach of copyright.


Photographers may use photos from these commissions for their own portfolio use.

Part 2

Job Date: 17/10/13 Job Time: 7.30am-9.30am
Job Length: 2 hours max




Post Code:

66 East Road,
Oundle, Northamptonshire


Contact:  Simon Gartside
Branch Manager
Reporter: James Parry
Tel: 01344 826387
Brief:   We will need a (portrait orientation) cover photo.Preference would be an attractive looking Partner with products in an interesting part of the branch or a group, depending on what achieves the best looking result.

Please work with reporter on photos they may require.

Take interesting and engaging shots of the store before, during and after it opens. Please catch Waitrose branding where possible. Capture the excitement, fun and flurry in the branch prior to opening, during the opening event and as the first customers start to shop.

Photos to be taken before the store opens:

Meat, Fish and Cheese Counters, with Partners

Fresh produce and horticulture section (only a few)

Café (if applicable)

Local and Regional signage and products

Get the home section with some Partners modelling…

We shall need a strong team picture of branch Partners and Branch Manager (staff) just prior to the opening

Partners getting products and branch ready

Partners interacting with each other (only a couple)


After the doors open

First customer with Branch Manager

Partner / local dignitary/celeb opening the store – ribbon cutting

Local dignitary and Branch Manager photo (if applicable)

Partners helping customers at Meat, Fish, Bakery and Cheese & Deli Counters

Branch Manager outside shop – only needs to be half body shot

Branch exterior pix (only a couple).

– There may be children present at the opening, as there has been an art competition held recently. If it appropriate, we will require picture

– One key thing to remember is that we cover a lot of Waitrose openings through the year, so unusual, Partner-focused shots are the most interesting to work with.

Please get names of faces you take for captions.

Picture Use & Licence Full Internal Media Use – (JLP only)  PR, internal publications, intranet, website, image library (no 3rd party use).
Desired Image Quantities: Pic Dimensions: various Minimum A5 @ 300dpi – Colour Jpg’s to be supplied on CD/DVD.
NB It is essential that captions are provided so that people can be ID’d in shots and save in File Info. This does not apply to larger or general groups but in such circumstances, key people or people at the forefront of shots still need to be captioned 

On arrival at a job, please check with contact as to whether there is anything or any person that should not be photographed

The brief was quite extensive and detailed all the images required. I know the site would be quite large and with any large business openings it would be quite chaotic with lots of people focused on there responsibilities. Completeing a job like this successfully required some advanced planing to ensure that I was able to move around quickly and as unobtrusively as possible. I decided that I should take some extra help with me as a second person would be able to help carry gear, take names, tick off each of the shots as we complete them, keep an eye on the time and always look for another good angle to work with.

I have a principle that even though many photographers are looking for experience and willing to work for free I will always pay someone for a job and I opened the offer to the 1st years photography group to see if anyone wanted to join me. I offered it on a first come first served basis at a rate of £10 per hour for the 2 hours work. Stephen Ma was the first to respond so I made the arrangements with him to have a briefing and supplied him with the details, job sheet and magazine examples. I also went through everything that I would need him to do on the day. I had a 2nd short meeting with Stephen just prior to the job to ensure he was still happy with everything and that he didn’t have any outstanding questions.

A couple of days before the job was due I spoke with the client over the phone to confirm everything again and to give them an assurance that I was fully prepared for the day.

After that it was just a matter of turning up.

Part 2 here


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