An article created from extra curricular activity – Part 2

Oundle Waitrose
Oundle Waitrose

We left around 5.30am to ensure were on site with time to spare. This allowed us the opportunity to meet our contacts on site and introduce ourselves. I took with me a Nikon D700 DSLR and a Nikon D300 with a 50m lens for portraits. The reason I used 2 cameras was so I could switch between them quickly as things got busy and I did not need to switch between lenses.

The Day was pretty hectic and we were introduced to a member of the John Lewis PR team who also needed photos for a press release that afternoon. I met James the person I had been communicating with and that allowed me to meet any additional expectations or other specific shots he had in mind. Ultimately we were left to get on with the job and as and when required we needed to ‘borrow’ certain members of the team in order to meet the requirements of the shoot. We also arranged for the team shot which required a lot of organising. There were also other photographers from local press and things always get a little competitive as everyone is trying to ensure they get the shots they need. This meant that talking to the team members required a degree of tact and diplomacy as they would quickly become fed up of people asking to take their photo all the time. Stephen was a great help and worked diligently without the need for direction. He collated all the names and details so I was easily able to place the correct names with the correct photos in post publishing.

We covered every shot we had been tasked to get and got some additional ones too. We completed the job and left on time at 9.30am. Within an hour I had already had 1 phone call and email from the PR team needing the photos urgently.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for taking the photos this morning.

Please could you send through the photos to me as soon as possible or a few
highlights initially and then the whole batch later on. Preference would be
for an external shot,the first customers and the ribbon cutting.

We would like to tweet one of them and put them up on our website.

Could you also send me the names of the first customers please.

Please could you copy in my colleague Rob Cadwell as I will be driving back to Bracknell.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


With the pressure on I sent back a quick response to let her know I was on the case and set to work on the post processing. I had put together some of the shots that were needed and sent them back within the hour.

Once all the images were reading I went through the process of naming each image after the people who were in them and adding this information into each of the images metadata. In total I supplied them 54 images and I have added the contact sheet below.

54 image contact sheet for the opening of Waitrose Oundle
54 image contact sheet for the opening of Waitrose Oundle

The final job needed was to prepare and supply an invoice. I created one using a Microsoft Word Template and forwarded onto the company. This lead to me getting a response that they wanted to add me as a nominated supplier to the company making it easier for them or anyone else to hire me again in the future and for me to supply invoices and speed up any payments. I was happy to do this and completed all the required forms before re-submitting my invoice when required.

JLM Photography


Putting you in the picture Date: 25th Oct 2013INVOICE # 133
To James ParryWaitrose Chronicle

Doncastle Road



RG12 8YA


LOCATION Waitrose Oundle66 East Road




01344 826387



Qty Item # Description Unit Price Line Total
1 Photography Take a series of images that covers the opening of the Waitrose Branch in Oundle. To edit and supply those images by the scheduled date in digital format and on a CD/DVD. £35 per hour £70.00
1 Travel 110 Miles 45p per mile £49.50
Total £119.50
Total £119.50


With the job complete I took the opportunity to update my social media outlets letting people know how it went and also looked up where the images had been used. I found they were used in two magazines and on the internet on the Waitrose website and Oundle Local news site. I have included copies and links below.

Oundle Chronicle Online

Waitrose Press Centre

My goal was to deliver a professional high quality service. I felt I achieved this by keeping regular communication with the client, adapting to any changes in their needs, meeting all the requirements and expectations that had been expected of me and then going above and beyond the expectations to give them both extra choice and having images for them to use within 4 hours of leaving the job. Hiring extra help to ensure the job was completed and having pre-briefings was also critical to the organisation and smooth workflow and this allowed me to be able to adapt easier on the day.

Waitrose Opening from The Chronicle Magazine.
Waitrose Opening from The Gazette Magazine.
Images from The Chronicle Magazine
Waitrose OpeningThe Chronicle Magazine
Waitrose Opening from The Chronicle Magazine
Waitrose Opening from The Chronicle Magazine

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