152mc Working with Light: Preparation and lighting skills – Group Workshop

On Tuesday 25th March we were introduced to some different lighting effects. We were also introduced to 2 new pieces of software to help us, The first is a video capture software called ‘ClipGrab’ that we can use to download YouTube and Vimeo clips for imbedding directly into presentations. This avoids the need to have an internet connection when making a presentation. Secondly was an online software which allowed us to create studio lighting diagrams then download them as image files.

Armed with these new tools we watched a video by Nick Night that he made to celebrate 10 years of fashion for Top Shop. Nick used a variety of lighting and we were given the task of grabbing a still from the video, analysing the lighting and creating a diagram. The first thing I did was to download the video using ‘ClipGrab’ but I have linked it here for blog purposes.

Screen Grab from the Nick Knight video.
Screen Grab from the Nick Knight video.

I went through the video and grabbed this screen

The lighting on this is from directly beneath the subject pointing straight up. It is a harsh light from something like an open reflector, it is also very close and over exposes the skin areas, removing definition and detail.

My lighting diagram is below

Single uplight diagram
Single up light diagram

There is one single light illuminating the scene. The diagram does not show the heights of the lighting but the one here is close in and pointing upwards from about chest height. I suspect the camera was set to Matrix metering, the action was fast moving and there would have been little time to perhaps have used a spot meter on the brightest part to prevent the over exposure. I would not have thought the exposure would have been an issue as this image was designed to be this way.



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