152mc Working With Light: Task 2 development

As part of task 2 we needed to use alternative processes to create imagery based on the theme of human presence. Looking at the options I had 3 ideas on how to achieve this.

Camera Obscura.

After my initial attempt to turn my accommodation into a camera obscure I felt I had learned enough about the process to possibly have another go but this time with greater success. The main problem I had with my original attempt was that I was unable to block out sufficient light coming in through the windows. In order to make a more effective barrier I would need to have a piece of wood cut that exactly matched the dimensions of the window. I felt this was possible as I had enough time to arrange this. In order to make this idea work well I needed to find a much better location and I felt I found this with the offices in the Alan Berry building opposite the Cathedral. My plan would be to arrange to use one of the rooms at a weekend, clear the room of objects and project an image of both Cathedrals onto the opposite wall.

Cyanotype Printing.

My second idea was to look use cyanotype printing. I planned to gather everyday objects from around the house and then print an image onto them that related to it. For example, I was going to take a picture of a tree and print it on a piece of skirting board wood. With this in mind I started to generate ideas of things I could combine such as cotton fields and a t-shirt, Rapeseed and an oil can and Wheat Fields and a cereal box. These all represent something that is grown naturally and then used by man to create something different.

Pinhole Images

My third idea was to go with making pinhole images, I was not sure how but I felt that I could find an easier way of working than the beer can pinhole cameras that I used earlier. It terms of what to shoot I took inspiration from John Gossage’s ‘The Pond’ as there are vast stretches of countryside surrounding my home in Lincolnshire all criss crossed with an array of public footpaths. As someone who has traversed this area often I wanted to re-explore this area but shoot it using a different format.


Narrowing it down to one choice.

I had 3 ideas i was happy with but needed to narrow it down to one. The camera obscure idea was my favourite but I felt that it did not meet the requirements laid out in the original brief. I needed to produce 4 images and the camera obscure is just a single image and the images need to be created with an exhibition in mind. Although I could take photos of the projected image I did not believe that this would hold the same visual impact as the real thing. This idea was rejected, at least for now.

The second idea started to fall apart the moment I tried to combine ideas that I could create as a presentable piece. I do not know of any cotton fields so I though about shooting a sheep but the idea did not feel a strong. The same was with the wheat fields as this produce is not available until September. I continued to run into this problem as I went through ideas and there were so many issues arising that I felt this would be too risky to attempt. I also had to put the level of work required to achieve this into context as there were 3 other tasks to complete and it did not make any economic sense to spend an excessive amount of time trying to prefect one idea at the expense of the others.

So the pinhole had emerged as the way to go, the only thing left to decide was what type of pinhole camera to use. My initial reaction was to use a similar system to the beer can but with a better container so I see about making a new pinhole camera which you can see here.










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