152mc Working with Light – Task 1 – Final Outcome

The manual was something I had been working with since almost the start of the module. As we went through each workshop I added more to the manual. My goal was to

Create a manual that next years first years could use as a simple to follow and understand guide to each of the mandatory workshops that they will attend.

So, I wanted to be able to have and end product which I could give out to next years students that would help them to complete any of the workshop tasks they attend and then be a strong fallback guide so they could easily go and recreate anything they had learned on their own.

I felt the best way to achieve this was to focus only on the mandatory workshops and leave out the optional ones such as light painting and photograms as I felt too much information or a manual to big would be just discarded. I decided a maximum of 50 pages would be my limit.

I also wanted my manual to be a mix of both written instructions and images that would provide a visual assurance of what was required.

Finally I wanted the manual to be available both as a computer document and as a physical document. People read and understand in different ways so I believed it was important to allow people to have both options available to them.

I have attached here a copy of my final manual as a word document and a PDF.

Word Version : 152mc Manual

PDF Version : 152mc Manual

I have included everything I wanted too in the manual and I am happy that I have found the right glance between text and image. Due to the complex nature of some of the things I had to describe it was essential to use text but I feel I have kept it to a minimum and although some pages have more text on than others over the entire manual I have averaged only 17 words per page.

Despite often understanding how to complete things my self I have always found it hard to explain what to do for others. Creating the manual really challenged me and I often became frustrated in trying to work out how to convey something in a way that others would comprehend. I am very motivated to learn and perhaps I underestimate other people’s knowledge and I tend to assume that everyone knows what I do, however this is not always the case and through the process of this task it has made me look at ways in which I can help others to learn more.



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