152mc Working with Light: A Critical Reflection on the development of my Practice – Task 4 Part 2

I must admit that I have found it difficult to quantify exactly how I have developed over this module; apart from salt and cyanotype printing I have done all the things we covered before. However that familiarity gave me confidence and I felt I have embraced this module far more than the previous two. This has allowed me to create a basic practice for tackling these modules and helping me have some sort of structure for completing future modules. Another area where I am planning on using a lot more in the future is with external flash. Although I had worked wit this method before but not extensively and I found I got a much better understanding this time round. I am planning two personal projects over the summer, the first is to work with a free runner and make artistic style images using outdoor flash in a style that is a combination of Joey Lawrence and Joel Grimes. My second project I hope to take is at my local pub. In the small market town where I live we have a traditional local, the beer is quite cheap and it attracts a range of interesting characters. With the landlords permission I hope to set up some flash units and have a quick interview and take a picture. I am going to tempt them by offering a free pint to anyone who participates. Free beer is the one thing that will induce them into getting involved, the majority of patrons are lonely pensioners who spend most of their time in the pub for the company. It is a sad end to there days as they drift into alcoholism for the sake of company.

Undertaking this project is no doubt going to cost me a bit of money and that is another realisation I have come to during this module. In order to achieve your goals you almost certainly need to spend some money. Props, People, Printing, Frames, Hiring or buying equipment, it all adds up and things can get expensive. I have begun to look on this expenditure as an investment and for year two I am planning of having a £100 budget put aside for each module.


There have been no dramatic changes or leaps of learning during this module but rather subtle differences. Getting to use familiar equipment in a different setting has helped me notice the benefits of using certain modifiers. The evening I spent in the studio was a great help, even though I new what I was doing it was extremely worthwhile putting it into practice.

All in all this module has rounded off the year nicely. My outlook has changed dramatically over the last 9 months and this module allowed a lot of things to click into place. Last summer I would never have dreamed of undertaking a photographic project by myself, now I am looking forward to it. It is not just a growing confidence but the understanding that you need to conquer your own reservations and self doubts and those of others. No one is going to show you where your next project is, guide you to it and help you complete it, it has to be your self. It is your ideas, your vision and only you can do it.


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