Summer Task – The Local

August Sander
August Sander

I have decided to interpret the summer tasks my own way and focus on what I feel will help me better rather than just complete a series of tasks parrot fashion.

Breaking away from a college mentality where so much work and direction is provided is something that has not come easy. I have often found myself stuck in a routine where I am more concerned with meeting a lecturers expectations than I have been about focusing on what is important to me. This year I am going to do things my way, and concentrate of using my strengths to help me with my weaknesses.

For the summer project on portraits we were tasked with making 4 portraits, two of people we know and two of people we do not know. As someone who has done this sort of thing before I decided to challenge my self further and pursue a portrait project of my own. I approached it from the idea of creating a series of portraits that I may be able to generate some local interest and make a set of images that are worthy of exhibition.

Before making any portraits there were two areas I really wanted to keep in mind and allow it to influence me, these were the Taylor Wessing portrait competition and the work of August Sander.

For me, the idea of a portrait is to try to capture one of those moments that say a lot about the person. I do not believe there is one single portrait that will sufficiently sum up any one individual completely, only various facets of a person and the critical issue is to decide what it is you are trying to capture. I decided to focus on the essence of the local pub character.



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