The Local – Continued

The Masons Arms
The Masons Arms

During the summer I live in the growing town of Bourne in Lincolnshire. With an expanding population of over 18,000 the area is attracting new people all the time. During my social hours I like to frequent the local pub known as ‘The Masons Arms’ which is a small traditional drinking house that has been around for many years. The town itself dates back to medieval times and some of the oldest buildings are hundreds of years old. There are 71 listed buildings of both grade 1 and 2 dotted around and the Masons Arms is one of them. Originally it was two cottages but was converted into a pub in the mid 19th century and people have been stopping there to imbibe and chat for over 150 years.

I initially approached the landlord about the idea and he was a little cautious but generally optimistic. In order to facilitate my goal I offered to do some standard commercial work for the pub to create a series of images they can use for marketing, I also agreed to do some portraits for the landlord and his daughters. With an agreement in place I just had to set a date when most of the local characters came in and this was going to be a Tuesday afternoon in about 3 weeks time.





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