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Agnes McCreevy – 51

Agnes McCreevy age 51

Agnes moved to Bourne 11 years ago and works locally as a carer. She has been coming to the Masons Arms since she came to Bourne and really enjoys the family friendly feeling and how everyone looks out for each other.

Clive Harwood – 53

Clive Harwood age 53.

Clive  is a Network Technician for Anglian Water and his lived in Bourne for most of his life. He first came to the Mason Arms when he was 15 and he is still coming. He really enjoys the characters, great people and having a laugh. After 38 years Clive still has a good time whenever he visits.

Fred Burns-Worsfield – 65

Fred Burns-Worsfield age 65.

Fred has lived in Bourne for 20 years. He currently works as an electrical engineer. for Bourne textiles. He has been coming to the Masons Arms for 11 years, he calls it a ‘proper pub’ with good conversation.

David Ward – Antique

David Ward – Antique

David, now retired worked as a local Government officer for 35 years. He did not reveal his age but the locals refer to him as ‘antique’. He has been living in Bourne most of his life and finds the atmosphere at the Masons Arms very friendly and singled at the landlord particular praise “He knows your name by the second time you come in”

Fred Groom – 69

Fred Groom age 69

Fred moved to Bourne in 1961 has worked in various professions in the area since then. Most recently a window cleaner he has now retired but has been coming to the Masons Arms for over 50 years. Last Christmas Fred’s life was changed at the pub when he met a new lady to share his life.

Sabrina Bishop – 37

Sabrina Bishop age 37

Sabrina has been in Bourne for 7 years and works at the Masons Arms has a chef and helps out behind the bar.

Sabrina really enjoys working at the Masons Arms, everyone is just crazy, off their heads but in a really nice way.

Nicky Burton – 40

Nicky Burton age 40

Nicky first came into the pub around 6 and half years ago. She became a regular at the pub before taking a job on the bar.

She has now been working their for around a year and finds it the friendliest pub around. It is the only pub you walk into and everyone says hello.

Chris Robinson – 47

Chris Robinson age 47

Chris has lived in Bourne for 25 years. He usually prefers to stay on the soft drinks and he enjoys popping into the Masons most days. He likes to help out with a bit of cleaning and finds the place so friendly.

James Owen – 49

James Owen age 49

James has lived in Bourne all his life although he currently works nearby in the village of Deeping as a Bar Manager.

Despite having his own bar he still prefers to come to the Masons Arms to see Nicki Burton, his partner for the last 2 years.

Ed Cunningham – 61

Ed Cunningham aged 61

Ed was a Field Engineer for an aviation business. Ed has now retired but is still covered by the secrecy act is not permitted to talk about his work. Originally from the USA he came to England 12 years ago and was taken by the traditional style of the English pub. Now he has retired he enjoys coming 3 -4 times a week and enjoys the company of the people he has gotten to know.

Maureen Bullimorn – 71

Maureen Bullimorn age 71

Maureen is a retired sewing Machinist who moved to Bourne in 1978. She has become a regular at the Masons Arms on Friday and Saturday nights as they are the music nights.

A widower Maureen has recently found a new man in Fred Groom.

Colin Benton – 59

Colin Benton age 59

Colin moved to Bourne 6 years ago and works locally as a technician for Bourne Salads. He is more affectionately known around the pub as Arthur after the character from ‘On the Buses’

Colin has been coming to the Masons Arms since he moved to Bourne and has made a lot of friends here.

Johnny Parr – 54

Johnny Parr age 54

Johnny came to Bourne 3 years ago to take over the Masons Arms. As the new Landlord he inherited a failing pub that had been mismanaged for the previous 18 months. With falling sales and only the regulars attending Johnny took the pub back to its traditional roots. Johnny brought back the popular pastimes such as Dominoes, Pool, Darts and Cribbage, signing up the pub to play in local leagues.

Over the last 3 years the pub has returned to its former glory and continues to go from strength to strength.

Phil Cooke – 53

Phil Cooke age 53

Phil is a printer at the local Warners factory. He has lived in Bourne for the last 20 years and has been coming to the Masons Arms all that time.

Phil is considered to be joker and is always quick with a one liner that keeps everyone entertained.

Anne Hibbard – 75

Anne Hibbard age 75

The daughter of a school master from Yorkshire, Anne arrived in Bourne in 1968 where she has worked in Knitting all her life. Her achievement is remarkable as she has been blind since the age of 5.

She comes into the Masons Arms once a week for a chat and enjoys the company.






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