The Local – Images Summary


Morley L (2014)
Morley L (2014)

This was my first real solo project and it was very educational. The experience was invaluable and I can say I have learned a lot from this process.

It was helpful that I already new the pub and landlord so approaching him was easy but in order for him to allow me access I had to return the favour and do some promotional work for the pub. This was not entirely unexpected and I can see how I can use my photography skills to barter in the future.

When I arrived on the day, despite everything being arranged it was surprising that I was not expected. However, a quick explanation to the staff working that day and everything was fine. This did make me think about future jobs though and getting written confirmation may well be something that could help. Not everyone will take me on my word and if the staff had refused me the whole project would have been put at risk of failing.

Once I was set up the problem of getting volunteers was the main issue facing me. As I did not know any of the regulars at this time of day they where wary of me as a stranger but alcohol has a great way of relieving people of their inhibitions and once the first person agreed then the there were quick to follow suit. In fact, at one point I had a queue. For future projects though there is a clear need to be able to build relationships with your subjects in order for them to agree to be photographed.

With the job complete I arranged for copies to be sent to the pub and to all those that supplied me with contact email addressees but I would like to go further with the concept. From all the pictures there are 2 that I really like and would be happy to exhibit. To expand this project I would like to visit more than just my own local and make portraits of people from a wider range of pubs. This would add some interesting variety to the locations in addition to the people and if I can get 2 really good images out of every dozen I feel I would have enough for my own exhibition. Of the two styles I think the Black and White images are stronger however I do prefer the colour and would aim to complete any future portraits this way.


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