201mc – Lanchester Library

After the lecture introducing us to 201mc I was eager to get started. It was mentioned that a job was needed in the library so I immediately put my name forward. I was selected and went to speak to the client.

Kate Green is a former student and she met me at the entrance to the 3rd floor where I would be working. The area had just been completely redesigned and they brief was to take images of the area with people enjoying the new facilities and a second set when the room was empty showing the layout. I was also required to make some video and interview some people to find out there opinions too.

I agreed to return later that day to get started and decided that the job would go better with some additional help. Jonny Bark in my year was also keen to start his 201 journey and agreed to help me. We arrived in the afternoon and slowly progressed through each room and many of the people gathering the images and video required. Once complete I agreed to return the following morning at opening time to capture the images of the table area when it is empty.

Jonny and I worked on the post processing that evening and sent over the images/video as soon as it was ready. Even though this work was voluntary we were eager to provide a professional service and get the artefacts to the client promptly. Initially everything was well received but later we both received an email that the client was happy with what we had done but had something else in mind and would still like to get some extra images/video.

We learned that there was a more senior person we had not met who had a clear idea of what they were after and the work currently provided did not match his vision. We agreed to return having discussed the brief further but were unable to talk with the senior person so even on the return we still did not have a clear idea of what to do.

The lesson to be learned here is that it it vital to speak with the person than decides if the images match their vision, quite often that  ideal be unrealistic but can change though discussions where an agreement can be reached. This way both the photographer and client will get what they are after and both will be happy. I feel that for future jobs if I am unable to speak to the right person or come to an agreement on what is feasible or if I cannot grasp this what this person wants to achieve then I would most likely decline the job.

Ultimately it is my responsibility to ensure that I understand and meet the clients requirements and this experience has been invaluable though, difficult jobs are always going to occur and learning how to get the best for the client and I is vital to my own success. I am glad that this happened here where I am more likely to get it wrong than from a paying client later in life.

I did not give up on this project and eventually we completed it, I received a glowing testimonial from the client and the images are being used on a university blog.

I have included a link to the blog and a selection of the images below



_CML4284 _CML4276 _CML4274 _CML4258 _CML4249 _CML4227 _CML4219 _CML4218 _CML4196 _CML4181 _CML4172 _CML4162


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