250mc – Initial Thoughts and early investigations

Brief250MC Assignment brief
Site Specific personal project and critical analysis
Acknowledging that the paradigm for photography is shifting, and the future of traditional photographic careers are uncertain; this brief is deliberately broad to give you the opportunity to research and develop a body of work around your own interests and negotiate your own personal response to the brief. 
Building on good photographic skills and previous experience, your task is to make a body of work that integrates your personal interests with a specific map space in Coventry (a selection of which are attached on the noodle homepage).
To help clarify your personal response, you are encouraged to research your site fully before you start your project. Consider using local, social and cultural history, myths and/or the landscape/geography as starting points.
Your project needs to be lens based but there is no restriction about what direction your assignment develops. It can be based on an individual idea or build on one of your class collaborations. However, it needs to be authored and original to you. Your presentation should be appropriate to the assignment development.
This assignment is a good opportunity to improve your research skills and deepen your practice. You are advised to use the flexibility of the open brief as an opportunity to explore your own photographic direction and investigate an area of photography that interests you.
Accompanying your submission you are required to write a 1000 word critical analysis of your assignment. This should go beyond a descriptive account and reflect a good understanding of the context of where your work sits.
During the module you will be introduced to different approaches to photography, contemporary artists and academics, who have used photographic and ethnographic methods to explore specific sites, to encourage you to explore new ways of working. You will be encouraged to work individually and in groups, inclusive of a collaborative project with the university of Europa in Madrid, to challenge and explore your own approach to your assignment. These collaborations should give you the opportunity to learn, cooperate and raise your awareness to comparative perspectives and understand your own approach more fully.
We have a website http://www.VisBox.wordpress.com which will present selected lectures and selected student works for this module.
We have booked a room for December 1st for an evening event. You are all encouraged to submit something to be included in this event.


250mc is our first assignment of year 2 and is split into two parts.

The first 40% of the mark is awarded after a successful presentation of a proposal for the project you wish to undertake. A map has been drawn up which covers various areas in Coventry. We need to choose an area from the maps, research the location and come up with an idea for a photo shoot. This project offers complete freedom in the style at type of photography we wish to use and allows us to take our studies in our own direction.

This is a very exciting project to start the year on and I love the freedom that it allows. I have lots of ideas at the moment but I need to spend some time thinking about them and researching them to decide which one to go with.


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