250mc – Walk the maps – 3 ideas

(Williams 2008)
(Williams 2008)

Narrowing down my ideas required some investigation, the first task was to examine the maps. I printed them off and started to go through them slowly. The first page brought the most notable area in the form of Allesley Park. Original a 13th century deer park the area has been maintained and now contains an 18 hole gold course, Pavillion and children’s play area (Coventry City Council 2014). The main building situated in the grounds is Allesley Hall, first constructed in the 17th century has ben rebuilt twice and now serves as an old people’s home (Cakebread n.d.). I visited the park and whilst walking around a few ideas sprung came to mind. It could be an interesting place to look deeper into the history of the area or it could be fun to do I fashion shoot or see what sporting events I could shoot here. Of all my original ideas it was the sporting images that I felt could be interesting.

(Grimes n.d.)
(Grimes n.d.)

Commercial sporting images have been used to promote athletes and activities for quite sometime but it was the style of photographer Joel Grimes that I saw as my biggest influence. I have always been a fan of his style but he creates composite images by shooting on location for the scenery and then in the studio with the person. I preferred to create my images completely on location and use external flash to light the subject.

(Lawrence 2006)
(Lawrence 2006)

I followed the map back from Allesley park towards the town centre. Most of the area was drab and nothing leapt out at me as a good location to work in. It was not until we got back to the town centre then my thoughts turned to my idea about street runners. With the entire town centre to choose from there would be plenty of opportunities to get some interesting  images here and I had already checked and knew there was a local club that I could contact. As for a style I would stay with the same idea I had for the sports images but I do think that they would be more like Joey Lawrence who is another photographer I admire.

Once back at home I was thinking about my 3rd idea based around voyeurism so I set up a camera on a time-lapse to record ourselves in the lounge over the course of an evening. When I looked back at the images I felt there was really something here I could use. Even though nothing exciting happened its was curious to look back at ourselves and to watch our activities as a hidden observer.

This particular idea was something that I would not normally go near yet I was drawn by the challenge and I wanted to push my self out of my comfort zone. Voyeurism is a fascinating subject and covers a wide area of photography. In addition the psychological side is fascinating and comes back to my own preoccupation with human motivation and the things that motivate us. After talking with Anthony and Caroline about methods and direction then I felt that this subject held greater significance than the others and so I decided to make this the subject of my assignment.




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