250mc – Voyeurism – Staged

I was increasingly finding the concept of voyeurism ever more intriguing but needed to narrow down the subject matter so I could create a project of my own. I had already looked at the work of Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Walker Evans who had captured people unawares but I wanted something more controlled perhaps even staged so for this I needed to look elsewhere.

Gregory Crewdson

(Crewdson n.d.)
(Crewdson n.d.)

Gregory Crewdson is a photographer whose work is unique and due to the difficulty and cost involved in creating an image he is rarely imitated. Crewdson creates incredible sets from his vision which he uses to create images which often reflect intimate parts of our lives.

(Crewdson n.d.)
(Crewdson n.d.)

Hi images are haunting and unnerving but according to Crewdson himself are meant to be optimistic. (Loh and Vescovi 2014) There is no real narrative behind any of his images and they have never been designed to make a particular point or tell a specific story. Crewdson prefers to leave it up to the viewer to define meaning from them. So, despite the images being beautifully artistic they have no real meaning beyond that which each persons projects onto them.

I would be unable to replicate his style but his framing and lighting really appeal to me. His attention to detail and the high dynamic range of his images would be something I would like to recreate in my own project.

David LaChapelle


(LaChapelle 2003)
(LaChapelle 2003)

David LaChapelle is another photographer who creates stunningly visual images from elaborate sets. Always very colourful he has shot many celebrities in his own unique style and is considered one of the top 10 photographers that should be studied today (Park n.d.).

(LaChapelle 2003)
(LaChapelle 2003)

Like Crewdson, David LaChapelle communicates his vision to a team of people who build vast sets. His work often holds religious or political point of view or has been designed to reflect a particular celebrity but there always seems to be a sexual element running through his images.

Of the two artists it is Crewdson that appeals to me but both work with budgets well in excess of mine.





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