250mc – Posed and Structured Images

My final stills that I aim to create are a culmination of all the main aspects of my research.

(Anon. n.d.)
(Anon. n.d.)

Voyeurism is still the overriding theme and I want my images to follow this but I am going to incorporate the concept of never being alone. This stemmed from the surprising results of the time-lapse camera which revealed that the subject was aware of the camera even on a subconscious level and that started me thinking that we are always surrounded by cameras, recording equipment, movement trackers and listening devices and we can never escape the prying eyes of the digital world.

To reflect this through imagery I want to recreate the subjects in their rooms interacting with their digital devices but I intend to introduce a new figure. I want this new character to be intimidating as they will be representing the Big Brother persona that is constantly watching us and I intend to research into Fakelore to get ideas on what this figure should look like.

Fakelore is an internet phenomena where people created frightening and sinister stories and characters which through social media have achieved global notoriety (Creepypasta Wiki n.d.). I like the connection that it is the digital age that have allowed these creations to proliferate society and it is the same digital age that is being used to erode our privacy. I want the character to feel intimidating too, this is because the idea that we are under constant surveillance is a frightening reality to behold and this needs to be reflected in the character I create.



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