250mc – The Images

In order to give myself the maximum choice and to explore the possible compositions from different styles and angles I made a series of images. I have detailed below all the images I rejected and below I have put down the reasons for this.


_CML6447 _CML6474 _CML6489 _CML6493


_CML6507 _CML6511 _CML6543 _CML6556 _CML6557 _CML6567 _CML6571 _CML6573 _CML6580 _CML6582 _CML6585 _CML6590 _CML6591 _CML6594 _CML6600 _CML6601 _CML6620 _CML6625 _CML6631 _CML6634 _CML6648 _CML6651-2 _CML6654

boah blah blah

When examining the images I felt that those that I had cropped in tighter and were now unable to see the digital device in use lost context. I still felt the image was good but in order to fully reflect the project and offer context then I believed that it was important that the use of a device was obvious, as a result I rejected any image that where it was not clear.

My second cut came when I found that the landscape images were stronger and a few of the portraits versions were just too light so and lost some of their moody feel. I also only choose images where the entity was looking directly at the person. I decided to go with the landscape images and rejected all the portrait ones.

Finally I went through them and examined the images I felt were quite similar. I then took the strongest of each of these and rejected the others, deciding which were better often came down to small things like the angle of someones head, a facial expression or body language. These tiny differences can make an image look and feel quite different.

This left me with a final 5 images.



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