250mc – Creepy Pasta

As part of this project I needed to create a character that was to appear in each image as a watcher, observing the actions of the people. I had never attempted to design an entity of this sort before so I looked at a website resource called Creepy Pasta.

(Koretez 2014)
(Koretez 2014)

This site brings together people from all over the world who share a passion for supernatural stories and inventing creatures to appear in them. Here was a range of spooky looking beasts that I could draw on for inspiration to making my own entity.

I had a certain set of criteria I wanted to meet in order for the entity to represent my version of Big Brother and reflect the modern digital age.

Firstly I wanted my character to look sinister but not evil so I spent some time looking for a mask that achieved both of these. Most masks are designed to be frightening and others have too much character. I decided to visit a local fancy dress shop and whilst looking through their collection I came across an android mask. I felt that this was really appropriate as it was intimidating yet emotionless and this mirrored the personalities of the organisations involved as they gathered information in an almost clinical way. They also work in the belief that they are helping to protect society and their actions are both morally and ethically justified.



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