250mc – The Final Cut

Once I had finished the selection process I was left with a final 5 images.

Will-CompThe first image is set in a bedroom, the entity is watching from behind the user who is on a laptop.


My next image I took through a window. I wanted to add the idea of the viewer watching the watcher. I also really like the way this added a lot more environment to the image as unlike Gregory Crewdson and David LaChappelle I was unable to create elaborate sets.


This next image is slightly different to the others but as it uses a tighter crop. This particular scene was inspired by the time-lapse recording I had taken as I noticed that my subjects continued to use their mobile phones long after they had gone to bed. I also felt that this image really highlights the intrusive level of the entity.

jonny-compAlthough it has similarities with the first the lighting and angle is different. I also like the position of the entity being behind the computer, almost looking through it at the subject.


My final image summed up the project, here we see the subject engaged in an everyday activity but once again they have engaged with their digital device. This interaction has become almost addictive and constantly opens them up to observation. The entity here has arrived and is peaking over the door, gathering information to report back.

All the images have a dark moody feel which I gained from studying Gregory Crewdson’s work and the entity is always carefully watching the subject at work. I mostly worked with the artificial lighting that I found on location but at times I introduced an additional directional beam on to the face of the entity or subject. These extra lights were often carefully hidden behind objects in the scene to gain maximum effect. By shooting in this manner and using modern digital equipment to both create and process the images I felt it was appropriate for the subject matter. I wanted to avoid images that had been shot on film or had a pre-digital feel about them. As I was researching into a problem created through the digital age then using equipment from this time was an honest way to approach it.

Each of the scenes have been drawn from my observations of the people and through time-lapse recording. Drawing on Jeff Walls theory of starting by not photographing the subjects  this allowed me to build up a genuine idea about the subjects, their lives and how they behaved and worked with technology, in addition, each of the images were created in the subjects own environment which I felt added a realism.





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