251mc – PICBOD – Relationships, Fixed and Fluid

From the moment we meet people we begin a relationship. Over time that relationship can evolve and but sit in a constant state of flux. Photographers have sought to explore this aspect of our lives producing numerous striking images

(Abril n.d.)
(Abril n.d.)

Laia Abril chose to deal with loss and how that effects our relationship with both the deceased and those connected to them. Cammy was 26 when she died of Bulimia and Laia went to live with the family whilst they were still processing their grief.

She used both video and still image to chart this tumultuous time within the family unit. It also demonstrates how our relationships continue with a person even after their death. This work also explore our perspective of our relationships and how that can change after a person is no longer an active part of our lives. We look back and analyse that relationship and we sometimes we begin to change it to something that sits more comfortable with ourselves.(Abril n.d.)

The perspective of the photographer is also important in any body of work. The intentions of that person can dramatically effect the work produced. Is the photographer looking to create a true representation or make something that will have more sensational impact. Are they only wishing to tell a story or to profit financially. Our culture and outlook can also impact on how we portray a subject and all these things should be taken into account when both looking at other peoples work and making our own.

For my images I was split between to ideas so I decided to explore both. The first set focused on the loss of a well established relationship. I did not feel the need to explore the reasons for the relationship to end and just focused on the effects.

_CML7629 _CML7632 _CML7635 _CML7642 _CML7646 _CML7648 _CML7654

The images are representative of the emotional turmoil we go through at times when important relationships end. We seem to disregard simple aspects of our life, we allow the cleanliness of our homes to deteriorate as it no longer feels important to stay tidy. We also indulge in junk food and alcohol to often, as a way to find comfort, solace or consolation.

Although I felt the images matched my intention I felt they lacked emotional impact and were were to explicit in their portrayal. In light of this I decided to tackle the same concept from a new angle.

_CML7619 _CML9163 _CML9173 _CML9177 _CML9183

This time I looked at the loneliness aspect that we suffer when a relationship breaks down or ends. When face with an absence of those we are closest too and if this loss leaves us isolated it starts to reflect through our environment. I sought to express this by picturing what is left such as a single toothbrush, One pair of shoes, A single cup or glass. Overall I think my second attempt was much more successful in response to the task.



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