The Face, Portraits, Power, Meaning

(Rembrandt 1669)
(Rembrandt 1669)

Photography is about communication and attempting to convey a message, tell a story or present a truth. As individuals we are complex beings that communicate through a variety of ways. My plan was, through portraiture, combine the two and raise awareness of the range of material that can be found on the internet by showing people the emotional responses it is able to produce.

Portraits can be created in a variety of ways and have no requirement to show a persons face but for me it would be essential. Its is widely believed that when we communicate only a small proportion of our words are actually effective, this is a common myth that has since been largely debunked but our body language, voice tonality and facial expressions still convey a great deal (Phillips 2011). It is these highly animated expressions that I wish to capture.

The way we sit, stand, hold our hands or cross our legs are a constant stream of sub conscious communication that we all understand. The way we hold ourselves can often be more revealing than what we are saying. Photographers are able to manipulate this to their advantage and by changing their subject’s posture or patiently waiting for the right moment to take a picture can radically alter what the photographer wants their image to say. In my project I am not seeking to manipulate the the subject to my ends but capture  the responses to what they are witnessing. The intense emotional expressions are something we see but are fleeting and are gone as fast as they appear. I wanted to offer the viewer the opportunity to take their time, study the face and see the consequence that social media can have at the moment it is taking effect.




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