(Berry n.d.)
(Berry n.d.)

Television does not have the influence on our lives that it once had, the dawn of the digital age has changed the way we receive our information and how we interact with media at large. This has seen traditional pastimes involving families watching TV together or getting our current affairs knowledge from the scheduled broadcast news. (Luckerson 2014). This method of delivery was also heavily regulated with content subject to strict censorship rules. This was designed to protect viewers from becoming emotionally damaged by witnessing unimaginable atrocities that occur around the globe on a daily basis.

Television is being replaced by on demand programs and video streaming which we access through a variety of digitally connected devices. The content is transmitted through the internet which is unregulated and uncensored. This has lead to unrestricted access to media content that is far more horrific and impactful than anything previously available.

Death, Violence and sexual perversion have been and is still quite commonplace across the globe and this increases in prevalence during times of war. Unless you are directly involved or living in a conflict zone then it is unlikely that you all witness anything particularly horrific in your lifetime, but that changed with the digital age. With cameras everywhere and people carrying recording devices within their mobile phones then tragic occurrences can be on the net and be available to view around the world within minutes. This can then be viewed by almost any one with an internet connection, including children and vulnerable people.

My study is based on the instant and short term  effects that watching these videos have. I want to capture the expressions at the peak emotional moments so people can take the time to really look into the faces and see whats happening. With our faces changing so rapidly its easy to miss something and the majority of looks we have are purposefully generated to exaggerate or enhance whatever it is we are trying to communicate. The emotional expressions I am after are pure, uncontrived and very fleeting.



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