Final Images

As I was creating images that were intended for exhibition I was guided by this when making my final selections. I really wanted to showcase more than I ended with but I had to consider the amount of space that I was going to have and ensure that it fitted.

After some consideration I opted to go with 4 prints for the wall and a book to show some of the others. The 4 images I chose all showed a different emotion as people reacted to various stimuli. I chose A3 for my print size as I felt this was large enough to be effective and small enough for me to fit 4 images into a small space. I mounted the wall prints onto MDF board to give them some rigidity and strength. I chose MDF over mount board as I wanted them to feel more substantial. The MDF was also a good choice as the prints were not overly heavy. I had to take this into consideration as it was unknown what type of wall mountings we were permitted and if we are unable to drill into the wall I should be able to use non destructive hanging methods.

Alex Amy Shen Tasha

The book was made as there were so many images that I wanted to show. I went for a 24 page book purely for cost reasons but I think that a book thats to big would put people off looking at it. If I wanted to show more than 24 images then I think I would look at completely different methods, such as a video and look to display and promote using social media.



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