PICBOD – Review

(Unknown n.d.)
(Unknown n.d.)

The digital world is set to continue to expand. It spans across the globe, reaching out to every corner of the world. If we map it looks remarkably like a human brain and there are those that have speculated that it could even gain sentience (Nichols et al. 2012).

The content will continue to go unregulated and although governments will attempt to control the information available people will always find a way of gaining access. The media that finds its way onto the net is already as extreme as it gets but there will always be another violet occurrence or act of sexual depravation and somewhere a camera to capture it all.

Our continued fascination with these morbid videos can only lead to us becoming increasing desensitised to its content and if we should start to care less and less it will only bode poorly towards our attitudes towards life and humanity.

The answer though is not censorship. The more blocks that are put in place to stop people gaining access the harder they will work to see the things that are forbidden. A better education will work towards changing peoples attitudes and the need to watch such content will wain. With the desire removed then such videos should eventually fade.



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