My Year in Madrid – Arrival

In these pages, I want to write about my experience on the Erasmus scheme. When I chose to go to university it never crossed my mind that I would have the chance to take a year out to live and study in another country. I thought gap years were for the hippy students that backpack their way across the continent experiencing new herbal delights along the way.

In my first year though we were introduced to the idea and once the seed was planted it slowly grew into a reality.

2 years on I have just arrived in Madrid. I am writing this from my hostel bedroom on my first night in the Spanish capital and I have no idea what the future will bring. The build up today has been full of nervous excitement and when I was not racked with doubts I was eager to be on the go and get things started. Now I am here I am feeling much more relaxed, even though I do not have anywhere to live and only 5 days to find a place.

Tomorrow begins the search to get a place I can call home for the next year and to start to get my bearings. I am in Madrid far earlier than most. Other students on the Erasmus program do not usually arrive until late August or early September, for me to be here in July is unusual but I wanted to really start to immerse myself into the Spanish culture, find the little bars that the locals frequent, learn the transport system and visit the university that I will be attending.

So this is the start of my Madrid adventure and I invite you to join me in the journey through these pages. I am not sure how often I will post but ill keep you up to date with any significant happenings.



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