My Year in Madrid – Home Hunting

First things first, no one really speaks English, if you go to the big bars, with the famous names you find people that can, a little and you pay the higher prices for it. For me, I need to learn and learn fast. I am hoping the old lessons come in handy.

I have seen two potential residences, the first is in the heart of Chueca, the gay centre of Madrid and this is London’s version of Soho. I had such high expectations, but it did disappoint. The owner (Juan,  was great and he had two of the cutest little dogs you will ever meet, but the room was small and bland and not worth the money, he was asking. Madrid is such a small city compared to London so I know I can live nearby and still be walking distance from Chueca if I wanted but the whole Centro area is equally appealing and I prefer to be closer to Puerta de Sol so I am not too concerned. To be honest, I could see that Juan knew I was not into it and he recommended me to his friend, Alfredo who had a place just off Gran Via.

This was a better option, even though more expensive, but a larger apartment and the owner was very friendly. He had two rooms, one with a window the other without. Neither had air con and the heating for the winter was via a plug-in radiator, but at this stage I figure this is normal.

I liked his place, Alfredo was a welcoming host and someone I know I could get on with so he is now top of my list. I am seeing at least one more place tomorrow and this one on paper is my favourite.

Let us see what tomorrow brings.


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